1/2long menskirt PREENCE

½ long menskirt with detachable corset
play with it : like a modern torero or in a musical mood like Prince with the corset or to test pleated on the waist in a japanese mood...
lanky cut
opening with awrap-over system
edges underlined with a velvet bias
black twill 100% cotton
metallic gold buttons (we can change for black ones if you ask for)

39 Items

185,00 €

made in Nîmes, France, on order
Sew-able with your own length

(click on "I prefer custom-made", and indicate the measure of the waist or / and length you want,
in centimetres, when you'll order the skirt).
Check your size here

standard length at side :
38 : 62,5 cm, 40 : 63,5 cm
42 : 64,5 cm, 44 : 65.5 cm
46, 48, 50, 52 etc : 66,5 cm

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