Asymetrical Neo Kilt BUCKINGHAM

neo-asymetrical kilt
body in velvet, pleats in cotton twill
The traditionnal kilt is revisited, test it in town, countryside or in party moods,
by mixing it with a shirt, a knit or a tailor waistcoat !
length : just under knees
comfortable cut
smooth and soft velvet
easy to walk thank to the pleats
in bias pocket
belt loops
opening by a double deck of buttons

120 Items

174,00 €

metallic gold buttons (we can change for black ones if you ask for)
we can add loops on sides for sporran if you ask for
made in Nîmes, France, on order

Sew-able with your own length
(click on "I prefer custom-made", and indicate the measure of the waist or / and length you want,
in centimetres, when you'll order the skirt).
Check your size here

standard length at side :
38 : 51,5 cm, 40 : 52,5 cm
42 : 53,5 cm, 44 : 54,5 cm
46, 48, 50, 52 etc : 55,5 cm

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