First skirts for men collection.
Our first skirts for men collection of the 21st century came up from the desire to bring new pieces
in the masculine wardrobe so depleted in recent decades compared to the female wardrobe.

Wishing both to be out from the dictates of trends and provide modern and masculine men's clothing,
we used the codes usually found unconscious on the so-called manly Western clothing,
such as flies, belt loops, pocket for wallet, visible stitching, etc...
In order to better understand the behaviors that drive wearing a men skirt,
we contacted the association "Les hommes en jupes (HEJ)" whose members regularly wear the skirt.
Through a questionnaire, they were able to guide us on the (social or environemental) restrainst they faced in their daily life
(society 's opinion, climatic, need of comfort, ease of movement,...)
so that we can include on Hiatus skirts, technical solutions for a manly wearing of these skirts.