HIATUS is something like a private joke which became reallity.
Founded in 2008 by 2 french fashion designers Jennifer Marano and Jean-Guy Béal.
It's the first democratic brand of maleskirts and contemporary kilts for men !
We make all the clothes in the south of France in custom-made system with a high-range quality of fabrics.
We draw, pattern and sew all the models that you can see on the e-shop.

As a stylist and model-maker, Jennifer draws the new models, she makes the patterns and cuts the items too.
Infography work, elaborating the brochures, writing on the website & blog, imagining creative ads & posts on FB and preparing the parcels are also her every day life !

Jean-Guy designs collections too, he draws the patterns and is fond of grading the patterns in every size. He is really good at conceiving and sewing the clothes ! He is part of the photographed men that you can see on our e-shop and you will surelly see his own fashion streetstyles on the social networks !

After 10 years we are proud to welcome Felicia as a seamstress !
As a coincidence she's from England !
To make photos we regularly call new photographers according to the mood of new collections... and mostly all the models are our friends !
Our main desire is to show you a maximum of realism that why we've choosen realistic and natural models, with everyday-life morphologies...


the pattern studio and the sewing workshop are based in Nîmes, an antic city in the south of France.
You can buy online all the maleskirts and kilts on the e-shop.

Everything is made on order. That's why we have no stock. We will sew your model directly after your order has been confirmed online.
We invite you to come to see us, just give a call before coming.
We will take pleasure on advising you the most acurate maleskirts regarding your body-shape.

we favor quality fabrics in natural fibres, woven in Europe.
We 've been working with the same producers from many years now.
The resistance, a soft and enjoyable touch, an easy to iron & wash fabric are the caracteristics of our textiles.
We selected cotton twills in England and Germany.
The linen is woven in Lithuania, a renowned country for it's old experiments in growing textile linen fibres...
The woolen cloth is ancient tailor fabrics from the 50's.

we believe in evolution, changes, revival.
We believe in positivity, in smiles and sharing.
We believe in sustainable development, local manufacturing, exchange of good practices.
Our maleskirts and kilts are purposed to resist for many years.
To enrich the masculine wardrobe in a clever way, with sharp and studied cuts for every day life, and ease in wearing, are our priorities.

More than a fashion brand, HIATUS is firstly a small-scale enterprise of 3 people with human know-how, which want to get progressively bigger, meanwhile guaranteeing a high range of work for it's employees.
The respect of biological rhythm and abilities of everyone is for us the major concern, that's why our products are made with love !

We regullarly collaborate with other designers, craftsmen, artists or musicians, who become friends, in order to enhance and improve our maleskirts and also to get a sharper vision of the nowadays experiments...
You can discover this parallele univers on our blog www.hiatus-blog.com

We are part of a local craftsmen association called Je m'aNîmes, with a weekend of Open Days about Arts and Crafts.

Your support on social networks and during your visits are extremely important for us and it's part of the explanation which keep us doing this foolish adventure in maleskirts drawing and kilt-making !!
Do not hesitate to like our FB / insta / pinterest profiles !

because we've been persisting in our vision from 10 years,
we received :
-the association HEJ (Hommes En Jupe) award to promote everyday maleskirts
-the Surprends Ma Rue award (''Surprise my street'') for our recycled collection Un Bin.
The ''Midi Libre'' newspaper elected us in the top 10 Occitanie designers...

photographies : Patricia Hamel @patricia_hamel_

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