SUSHIWORKER embroidered unisex apron

Unisex apron for workers
Inspired by art and craft aprons used to be worn for practicing the pottery
large straps
very comfortable cut and shape
large pockets to put your tools
unique dying made with shibori technics with a rope
100% white cotton + indigo dying
Embroidered by hand by Céline Lepage
We needed more than 26 hours of work to do it !

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100,00 €

Exceptionnal item for which we would like to share the times we took to do it !
pattern makind and drawing : 6 hours
cut and sew : 4 h
shibori ties and pleats : 1/2 h
machine dying, washing, un-tying : 3 h
embroidered by Céline Lepage Art-embroiderer : 12 h
total : 26 hours of work

Work of Céline Lepage :
and the jewels of Françoise Bonnafoux

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